Midatech’s proprietary platform is based on a three-layer gold nanoparticle (GNP) offering significant advantages and flexibility.

Midatech’s GNPs are produced using a one-step self-assembling synthesis of consistently sized, water soluble, stable, passivated nanoparticles. Broadly, this proprietary chemistry yields a wide variety of covalently bound bio-active molecules with precise stoichiometry. The flexibility of the chemistry results in a wide repertoire of nanomedicines for future development.

At sizes less than 3.5 nanometers in diameter, GNPs are well suited for movement into cells through the walls of blood vessels and across the blood-brain barrier. Critically, the size of the GNPs fosters their elimination through kidney and biliary clearance. Pre-clinical studies to date confirm that there is no accumulation of GNPs in the kidney and no evidence of toxicity. GNPs have also been shown to be safe in a Phase I human clinical study.

Gold Nanoparticle Layers

Gold Nanoparticle Technology

Corona/Homing Ligands
  • Enables specific targeting to disease tissue and /or cells
  • Alteration of bioavailability
  • Water soluble
  • Non-aggregating
  • Modifiable length enables a wider variety of potential payloads
  • Multiple layers in a single GNP for Trojan Horse delivery
  • Variable linker composition for altered rate and location of delivery
Noble Metal Core
  • Healthcare applications currently utilize gold but many metals are covered by by Midatech’s IP
  • Gold is inert and non-toxic
  • Super-paramagnetic properties, potential for medical imaging
  • Low cost of goods
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