Midatech is developing improved forms of cancer therapy for orphan and rare oncology indications based on its GNP platform technology.


Targeted Chemotherapeutics

Midatech is developing targeted cancer therapies by combining chemotherapeutic medicines with tumour-targeting molecules on the same GNP-based conjugate. The aim is to allow highly toxic drugs to be specifically targeted to and delivered at the tumour cells while sparing normal tissue, thereby reducing side effects and enhancing efficacy.

Midatech aims to undertake pre-clinical trials of GNP-drug conjugates in liver, pancreatic and brain cancer (glioblastoma) in 2015.

Ovarian Cancer

Midatech is developing GNPs which carry a tumour-targeting agent, folic acid (FA) and a platinum cytotoxic compound. The targeting agent has been selected because ovarian carcinoma cells over-express the receptor for FA on their membranes and platinum is an effective cytotoxic for ovarian cancer.

Brain Cancer (glioblastoma)

Midatech has demonstrated the ability of GNPs and conjugates to cross the intact blood brain barrier in vitro and in vivo. A program is now underway, [in collaboration with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute,] to evaluate GNP conjugates with key chemotherapeutic agents used for the treatment of glioblastoma.

Liver Cancer

Preliminary research with GNP-lactose conjugates shows prefential targeting and delivery to the liver, suggesting that the application of GNP technology can be used to target liver disease. The lactose targeting of GNP conjugates with key chemotherapeutic drugs used for the treatment of liver disease is now being evaluated.

Pancreatic Cancer

A programme to develop and evaluate drug conjugates with selected chemotherapeutic agents that are targeted to the Pancreas due to its preferential uptake of certain proteins or amino acid sequences is underway.

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